Review. Straight Lines – Escapology EP


Review. Straight Lines – Escapology.
Out: Now via Xtra Mile

Straight Lines flaunt their pedantic excellence with their latest release, The Escapology EP. Flexing anthemic muscles while sporting a rugged smirk, Straight Lines offer up a condensed hunk of their expansive brilliance.

Title track, Escapology, is a rattling stroke of madcap wonder that soars while still delivering a tumbling boulder of weighty snarls. Twisting lyrics circle escapism with churning fluidity, laying isolated desire to break free from pedestrian routine with ease. The vocals melt over a wall of pounding vigour, colourful and refreshing, the entwined vibrations make for grand entertainment that lifts with mature elation.

Backing up Escapology, and channelling this release away from single, towards EP status, comes three differing cuts from Straight Lines sophomore album, Freaks Like Us. The studio version of Empty Chest swaggers with reckless anthem, hurtles with vicious energy and attacks with absolution while the live session of Half Gone forages with needless charm. Toying with polish, Half Gone bounces with energetic jabs and unleashed fury to craft a stunning excavation that’ll have you digging for more.

Rounding out The Escapology Ep is the startling acoustic rendition of Ring The Bells. Stripped back with perfection, the simple guitar twinkles at the buxom horizon of vocals reaching into the distance. The pairing of lead singer Thomas Jenkins and guest vocalist Miriam Isaac is jaw-dropping, The vocals threaten to bow under the beauty of it all, but the lyrics stand strong, carrying the raw tranquillity with confident strides.

The Escapology EP may be short but its flawless form expertly boasts the range of fantastic Straight Lines offer.

Buy Escapology.

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