Review. Hot Glass – I Wouldn’t Forget EP


Review. Hot Glass – I Wouldn’t Forget EP
Out. Monday 11th February 2013.

A wicked wind doth blow. Dancing on the breeze is a plague of soulless nightmares, warping music into a hellish wasteland, stalked by soulless vampires and auto-tuned monsters. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

Luckily, standing tall against the oncoming storm is Brighton’s Hot Glass and the I Wouldn’t Forget EP. Armed with furious passion and enthralling talent, Hot Glass spars with downtrodden electro rolls and parries with vibrant swings of unforgiving consistency.

I Wouldn’t Forget is a pulsating flourish of distorted metronomic, subdued and haunting, it turns with upbeat forlorn as the promise sodden lyrics stand easy. Erase My Mind has no time for rest as a charge of urgency runs rampant through the bones of the track while This Could Be It casts a colourful shadow of unrequited resolution. Breaking from a double-time jog and into a purposeful stride, Maybe We Could cuts deeper with enriched confidence before Far brings the EP to a close with lofty melody and grand construction amidst a storm of glitching abandon.

The vocals hypnotise with pendulum ready allure, swaying with a seductive glint as they wrap themselves around the rolling streams of electro wander. The lyrics, taut with dreamy optimism, march with malicious intent as the relaxed ebb of the vocal delivery floats with serenity, countering the tumbling constant of instrumental climbs.

From the scouting care of I Wouldn’t Forget through the rolling battle cry of This Could Be It to the shock and awe of Far, Hot Glass delivers a rough and ready battle plan, that’s executed with stylised precision. While some may get caught up in the storm, Hot Glass looks to stands rock-steady, offering a protective sanctuary for one and all. Come, bask in his secure promise, away from the ghoulish everyday.

I Wouldn’t Forget EP is out now digitally and on limited edition cassette.


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