Live. The Kerrang! Tour 2013.


Live. The Kerrang! Tour 2013 with Black Veil Brides, Chiodos, Tonight Alive and Fearless Vampire Killers.
London’s Brixton Academy. Friday 15th February 2013.

Does rock music need saving? A vocal movement of naysayers met at London’s Brixton Academy for the final night of the annual Kerrang! Magazine tour to witness a powerful flourish of defiance, celebrating all that’s exciting and wonderful about the blossoming world of rock.

With the crowd still queuing around the venue, Fearless Vampire Killers came forth to play their part in tonight’s exhibition. Fearless by name, and by nature the London based five piece are every part Black Veil Brides English counterparts, matching their pomp and circumstance but instead of dusting it with Hollywood shimmer they’ve doused it with harsh reality. Their jagged take on punk rock fizzled with promise and their energetic stage presence romped with hunger. Behind the makeup lies a band gifted with chemistry, sat poised for great things.

You wouldn’t believe that Tonight Alive were so far from home. Rapturous applause reverberated around the room before the Aussie five piece had even played a note. Live, their glistening pop-punk is cut with smouldering riffs and lead lined drum crashes that swell and cradle Jenna McDougall’s tremendous vocals. Despite being the softest band on the bill, Tonight Alive proved that they can hack it with the big boys, delivering a masterclass in texture, showmanship and command. Diving from upbeat rebellion through emotional poignancy to unifying statements of intent with abhorrent ease, Tonight Alive threatened to be the pinnacle of the evening from the off and it won’t be long until they’re owning venues of this size under their own steam.

In a lineup of personalities, Craig Owens back in the fold of Chiodos should have made for something special. Unfortunately all the melodic subdue that underpins their moments of chaotic excess were lost somewhere between band and audience, resulting in a constant bludgeoning that refused to let up. A stage invasion by two fifths of Tonight Alive only further highlighted the expansive differences in the present and the past. Chiodos played with technical prowess and existed as a tightly interwoven unit, it’s just a shame that with all the tools at their disposal, they failed to make it work.

With fans queuing since the early hours of the morning and with a majority of those adorned in their battlepaint, it’s painfully obvious that tonight belongs to Black Veil Brides.

Tonight’s set draws heavily from the recently released Wretched and Divine and the anthemic blend of metal, punk and pop that flows throughout sounds huge live. Andy Biersack leads the prowling charge that sees the band patrolling the stage with rigorous sanctity, savouring each step. The Hollywood five-piece are a band of extremes, using all the pyrotechnic tricks in the book to give their set a sense of grand purpose, they look every bit like a budget Metallica. It’s surprisingly easy to preach to the converted and while Black Veil Brides look and sound incredible, they make little effort to connect with those not already involved, leaving those on the outskirts adrift. However, with songs as well crafted as In The End and Resurrect The Sun It won’t be long before you’re heavily involved as well.

Never underestimate the power of music. It’s an explosive catalyst that unifies like nothing else. Fearless Vampire Killers, Tonight Alive, Chiodos and Black Veil Brides are all aware of this responsibility they shoulder and treat it with upmost respect. Rock music doesn’t need saving, it’s already got its heroes.


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