Review. Wet Nuns – Broken Teeth EP


Review. Wet Nuns – Broken Teeth EP
Out now.

Wet Nuns, Yorkshire’s priority band have cut quite the path over the past few months. A torrential stream of live shows, a handful of smouldering singles and a failed attempt at Twitinfamy #WetNunsAreShit have all led to Broken Teeth, the bands first extended release. While Rob and Alexis may deflect the importance of this EP with a cheap, smutty joke about my mother and another extended release, you shouldn’t. Firstly, my mother is a saint and secondly, Broken Teeth is fucking fabulous and definitely worth shouting about.

Broken Teeth is a masochistic riot; Rob Graham wrestles riffs of screaming promise out of his guitar while Alexis Gott’s drums get a merciless beating of pure precision. Title track Broken Teeth oozes stuttering abandon, clawing and desperate it tackles new heights, with the climbing, blues-soaked breakdown the pinnacle of this new adventure. All The Young Girls saunters with assured fury. Dual vocals atop dashing purpose allude to a reckless lack of control, yet dominated skips and agile dives reign in the chaos. Feast is gargantuan. A colossal slab of interwoven drums and guitar present an impenetrable retreat while the scratched vocals mock from high. Wet Nuns show their sensitive side for the closer, Laura, a lovelorn ode to women in bands. Hidden behind the jagged exterior is an honest and ready account of infatuation, prickled with desire and delivered with honesty. Laura flaunts a grander, textured side to Wet Nuns, a side they own with supreme authority.

Broken Teeth is remarkable. The growling vocal delivery distracts from the honest lyrical content as Wet Nuns craft a collection of songs that ebb with disgusting fluidity. Sludge laden and packing a very real punch, Broken Teeth dances with ease, despite a loaded readiness. Broken Teeth is Wet Nuns arriving. It may well be in a burnt-out van as the pair fight off hangovers, but it’s not how they got here that causes such excitement, it’s where they plan to go next.

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