Live. The Vestals / Turbogeist


Live. The Vestals & Turbogeist
The Croft, Bristol. Thursday 21st February 2013.

Due to unforeseen circumstances at the venue, I was unable to see Pure Love at The Croft in Bristol, however I was fortunate enough to bare witness to the support acts, both of which were marvellous.

Disbelief erupts from the beginning of The Vestals set. How a band can perform with this level of pristine control, especially one on their debut UK tour, is beyond me but then again, The Vestals are very special. Drawing elements from the underground to delicately craft a brash and animated cyclone of pure pop ecstasy, The welsh five-piece are a disorientating brand of delectable command. Normally a band with a single double A-side to their name relies on this as the soaring pinnacle of the evening. The Vestals simply aren’t normal. Indulging in a quality constant, the likes of Miss Halloween reach the same grand peak as Perfect Pain or Seventeen. With such fine chunks of bustling pop jubilance under their belts and the bewitching, excitable stage presence to do them justice, The Vestals swagger with a soon to be realised promise.

They say opposites attract, and after the bubbling joy of The Vestals, Turbogeist’s frantic and reckless blitzkrieg on the sense is a seductive proposition. Scuzzy and beautiful, Turbogeist are the loveless child from punk’s affair with pop, raised on a diet of thrash metal and lacking rigid boundaries, they exist in a chaotic spectrum where they’re up all night and answer to no one. Alien Girl rampaged with furious lust while Mermaid’s Revenge prowled with snarling threat. Crashing around the stage, there’s an ever-present fear that the London four-piece, stretched out to five due to an injury, are going to abandon their raised platform and come join the debauched riot they’ve incited. Punk to the bone, but dressed in colossal riffs and pop sensibilities, Turbogeist enchant with powerful dominance, as you find yourself joining, rather than questioning, their madcap free for all.

The moral of this story? Always see the support acts. There’s every chance it’ll be your favourite band.

If you’re still desperate for my opinion on a Pure Love show, then lucky for you caught them at the tail end of last year and wrote these words. WORDS


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