Live. LostAlone


Live. LostAlone, The Dead Famous and Evarose.
February 24th 2013 at London’s The Borderline.

True frontmen are a mythical breed. Bold, daring and forever blurring the lines of reality and fairytale, these elusive creatures are constantly battling uphill as legends, desperately trying to live up to other peoples dreams and expectations. Steve Battelle of LostAlone is unburdened with the opinions of others. Commanding the stage with prowling supremacy, he balances delicate allure with Pied Piper dictate as he performs with every bewitching trait of legendary greats. It would seem that this myth has been blown wide open.

Evarose don’t have such a character in which to hang their show, they have four. Dividing their appeal by four, multiplies its brooding grab as the Oxford four-piece channel a fragmented Beauty & The Beast retelling. The prickly blur of punk snarl courts their evasive charm, backed by a chorus of blushed smiles and blossoming presence. Evarose ravage the simple premise of pop doused punk with a monstrous assault of gothic perks, grunge-laden beauty and haunting math whispers, conjuring dark entrapment that pounces with unforgiving sincerity.

Cough It Up riots against forced ideals as layered vocals add another jagged edge to their vicious handle while Best Left Alone soars in a flurry of howling riffs, crashing drums and contagious refrain. Bubbling with excite and crafting upbeat celebration despite the lyrical heartache, Evarose fit the glass slipper of the new princesses of rock. For the next fifteen minutes, it’s happily ever after.

After such a vibrant warm-up, it takes a while for The Dead Famous to catch their breath. The opening one-two is an awkward dot-to-dot of stadium rock but once they start cutting their bold hooks with electro-groove and probing vocals the London based foursome look fit to reign. Their kingdom may lie midway between The Stereophonics and All Time Low, but The Dead Famous have a progressive aura and the technical arsenal to crowns their grand ideals.

Steve Battelle may be LostAlone’s handsome prince but that doesn’t make Alan Williamson or Mark Gibson (Bass and Drums, respectively) the ugly sisters. LostAlone summon their colossal power from the group dynamic, with the sum of all parts crafting a regal equation of bratty punk kicks against glam infused brit-pop swagger. Filthy riffs create the spark, lighting a rampaging inferno that is LostAlone live. Heavy and unapologetic bass-lines support the thrashing drums as the entwined carnage fuels the fire.

From the stuttering eruption of Vesuvius through the campfire mellow of Orchestra Of Breathing to the free-spirited abandon of new track, Hostages, LostAlone guide you over smouldering beds of coal with engaging charisma, attention grabbing feats of rock excess and the overwhelming conviction that grounds their gritty pomp.

I’m A UFO In This City may be less than a year old but it’s given the band their grim fairytale. A glance through the looking glass reveals feelings of disenchantment and alienation yet lofty ambitions thrive as the Derby three-piece dissect the madness of reality and still find reason to celebrate. As the evening ends and the final, stage invaded backed, close of Love Will Eat You Alive dies away,  you feel safe enough to put down your tales of escapism; you’re neither lost nor alone anymore.



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