Review. My First Tooth – Love Makes Monsters


Album Review. My First Tooth – Love Makes Monsters
Out Now via Alcopop!

My first tooth is at home, wrapped in tissue and hidden with proud shame in a jewellery box. The milestone it represents constantly fighting the bleak awareness that it’s a bit weird. My First Tooth have achieved a different milestone with Love Makes Monsters. Swaying with a delectable blend of attractive beauty and wholesome morality yet salivating with a dark mystique, they’ve not only taken their own songwriting to new heights but dragged the entire idea of indie-folk into exciting, new realms. There’s no hiding this away, Love Makes Monsters is unashamedly incredible.

Good albums distract while great albums transport. Love Makes Monsters is really great with fantastic escapism whisking you away to a golden sanctuary of untroubled peace.  Doused with a heavy sense of nostalgia yet awash with fresh breath, Love Makes Monsters has a whispering sense of the familiar that surprises with every charming twist and righteous turn.

Buried at the heart of Love Makes Monsters sits an emotionally abusive four-track epic. The gloom sodden instrumental Six overpowers with feelings of isolation and alienation before the two-part Into The Wild mercilessly toys with your vulnerable state. Callous dark is pitted against shining hope with poignant ends. Sorrowful drawn-out strings punctuate the rolling poetry of the vocals as My First Tooth recall cruel love, wistful optimism and lost causes. Shifting changes of pace give Into The Wild a deserved sense of grandeur concluding with a towering peak of vocal flight before Nine leads you out of the theatre, dressed in the same forlorn expression of Six.

It’s not all shadows and doom with Love Makes Monsters. Heartbeat Retreat nods at eighties electro-pop before a celebration of folk want. Hawk in Harness jives with uncontrollable buoyancy as toe-tapping fury drags you down to the surprise dance floor while Past Broadcasts grows into something gleeful and huge. Reluctant anthems litter the album. Brilliant songwriting providing the hooks as My First Tooth lead a masterclass in honest infection.

The lyrics throughout Love Makes Monsters are pure poetry. Every line and couplet delicately crafted for maximum damage without pretension or needless excess. My First Tooth make full use of the simple, weaving accessible beauty against picturesque metaphor and intelligent wit.  The instruments swapping that My First Tooth employ is impressive, giving the band a unique depth and each song it’s own rampant personality but the colourful shift of the layered vocals gives the Northampton based four-piece an unmatchable allure.

My First Tooth have written a love letter that can’t fail to seduce. Glorious and beautiful yet edged with a dark shadow, Love Makes Monsters manages huge attraction with subtle looks. If Love does make monsters, I must be a vampire.

Buy the album already.




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