The Computers – Love Triangles, Hate Squares

Forget Fall Out Boy, The Computers already saved Rock ‘n’ Roll with their last album, This Is The Computers. Their hectic blend of soul, punk and blues culminated in an infectious, raucous sound that was as delectable as it was awesome.

With this in mind, news of a brand new The Computers album was met with an awkward fist pump and a hushed ‘Fuck Yeah!’ at the train station. The first single, Diso Sucks, is handsomely incredible and coupled with the follow up Love Triangles, Hate Squares, The Computers look set to protect Rock ‘n’ Roll for the foreseeable future.

Love Triangles, Hate Squares starts with a cinematic scene setting, with radio reports detailing the deaths of musical greats; Lennon, Presley, and Mercury amongst others, before The Computers pay homage to these legends of Rock with a hyper-infused howling riot of the fantastic. Boisterous and unwavering, The Computers continue to surprise as they evolve.  Long Live The Computers.

Love Triangles, Hate Squares (The Album) is out on April 29th. Read more on The Computers here.


~ by justdip on 07/03/2013.

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