Olivia Sebastianelli – Rose of Stone

A Rose of Stone. This jarring image suggests supreme beauty, unfaltering straddle and delicate sorrow, making it the perfect introduction to Olivia Sebastianelli.

On paper, Olivia Sebastianelli is an enchanting character. The pop starlet with a love of punk has already signed and subsequently quit a major label amidst claims they wanted to make her the next Katy Perry. Fortunately her music provides substance beyond the enchanting backstory. Rose of Stone is a sultry pop shimmer, nodding with lament as it erodes with moody regret. Olivia builds a harrowing soundscape throughout the track, supporting full-bodied swells with the unsure refrain of her jittering guitar. Her lyrics deal in brutal emotion, painting a haunting picture of lovelorn want with destructive accuracy.

A skulking debut single could easily leave Olivia Sebastianelli quietly loitering in a corner but the bewitching power of her voice coupled with the cold abandon, full-bodied swells, builds massive sound that demands attention.


~ by justdip on 18/03/2013.

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