Review. Gunning For Tamar – Camera Lucida

Gunning For Tamar – Camera Lucida
Out now, via Alcopop!

Shooting from the hip, and slingin’ with flair, Gunning For Tamar return with their most cohesive and marvelous work to date.

Camera Lucida is the band’s third EP and follows the same trajectory that Dark Sky Tourism marked out at the end of last year. Encompassing and grand. The Oxford four-piece have fallen further down the rabbit hole, and landed on their feet as they toy with madcap genius.

Gunning For Tamar are cursed with an incredible back catalogue. However, never before has everything come together in such a glorious marriage of ambition and achievement. The individual songs have their own stark personalities but in coming together they give Camera Lucida it’s own indelible identity.

From the opening piano bars of Yogging through to the lamented repeat of How To Set Fire To Your Hands, it’s clear that Camera Lucida is laced with magic. Dynamic and disarming, the EP sets you off-kilter from the go and balance is never restored. Yogging is a venomous blitz of beauty and beast. Lights, Daggers And Faces grooves with a chirpy undertow while Another Season refrains with devastating consequences. Swallower is constructed with barbs, soaring and evasive whilst How To Set Fire To Your Hands is laced with rueful anger.

The lyrics are delivered with a visceral precision. Twisted pictures are painted and defaced in the same sentence as Gunning For Tamar construct grand ideas and whisper sweet nothings.

Disjointed, yet entwined Camera Lucida is a delicate blend of Punk, Math and Arena rock. It’s reckless, with a technical snarl and encompassing breath that runs rampant throughout. Camera Lucida is a powerful declaration of intent that puts success well within their cross-hairs. Take cover.

Get a copy of the EP here.


~ by justdip on 31/03/2013.

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