Review. Nina Nesbitt – Stay Out EP

Nina Nesbitt – Stay Out

Out Now

Balance. Whether in a meal, a bookcase or on a night out, you can’t fully appreciate the importance of balance until it’s missing. It’s best achieved by treading cautiously, but where’s the fun in that? Nina Nesbitt takes bold strides with her latest release, The Stay Out EP. Vibrant and daring, the young singer/songwriter has pulled herself in new directions with absolute success. Above all else though, Nina Nesbitt has achieved perfect balance with Stay Out EP.

Armed with a youthful hunger to explore as well as a wise sense of self, Nina Nesbitt undertakes daring experiments throughout. She tackles them with whole-hearted passion and the results speak for themselves.

From the palm-muted beginning of Stay Out through to the powerful drum-march that concludes the affairs of Statues, Nina Nesbitt dictates with authority. Tackling the four songs with a colourful spread of angles means that whichever way you look at it, Stay Out is fabulous.

Stay Out opens the EP with a stuttering side-swipe at a generation. Wearing a smirk, the Scottish starlet questions identity over a swell of acoustic chatter. Just Before Goodbye cuts with poignancy. Delicate contrasts pit slow and lament-laden verses against uplifting choruses creating dynamic emotion. Skipping with reckless abandon, No Interest is rocksteady in its confidence. Maintaining her girl-next-door allure while writing an open-letter to the press, Nina Nesbitt is fearless. The piano-led Statues is simple, but effective. Haunting and masterful, Nina gives her vocals room to soar while distant drums give Statues an overwhelming sense of power.

Lyrically, Nina Nesbitt has never had so much to say. Some verses overflow with words, giving them a breathy pace whilst others relish in assured refrain. With her tongue darting from in-cheek to razor sharp, she challenges expectations and meets belief. Her vocal direction is also an eclectic blend of expected and surprising, but she maintains a constant wonder throughout.

While her peers are just starting out at university, Nina Nesbitt is graduating onto another level. Ambitious and cohesive but never predictable, Stay Out maintains the excitement but also provides greater degrees of promise. Artists normally wait until their debut album before teetering over the cusp of greatness. With poise and balance, Nina Nesbitt is already there.

Get the EP and read more about Nina Nesbitt.


~ by justdip on 09/04/2013.

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  1. Awsome xxxxxx

  2. hi i like you music i hope all keeps you well friend

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