Review. Charli XCX – True Romance


Charli XCX – True Romance
Out. Monday 15th April, 2013.

Depending on who you ask, the X’s that lay at the close of Charli XCX’s name either invite you in with kisses or warn of X-Rated behaviour. It should come as no surprise then that True Romance is a love affair of extremes.

Titled without irony, the traditional ideas of love exist at the very core of this album. Stripped of classical poetry and without false Hollywood sheen, Charli XCX’s understanding of True Romance is very different and very real. Honesty and grit flood the album. Ideals that seep out of her lyrical content and impregnate the gigantic pop score that is True Romance.

From the sugar-coated shimmer of You (Ha Ha Ha) to the smouldering allure of You’re The One, it’s clear that Charli XCX doesn’t do moderation. Taking influence from chart highlights of the nineties and the ever-present underground rave scene, Charli XCX boldly straddles two worlds. Her love of visual art adds a third pillar of influence, creating an intense creativity that’s felt throughout True Romance.

Every song has a colourful personality. So Far Away saunters like a meditated Prodigy while Cloud Aura charges like a pissed off Ellie Goulding.  Stylised reinvention drives True Romance. Modern refresh is employed at every turn as Charli XCX twists classic ideas into biting reality. The frantic samba of What I Like delivers typical pop sensibilities, shamelessly flirting with hip-hop swagger.

A lifetime in the making, Charli XCX has gifted herself enough time to find herself before finding her sound. This endearing sense of self allows for bold self-expression while veering away from an egotistical minefield. True Romance really thrives under this command of confidence. It doesn’t mistime a single step in this complicated dance of wonder.

Whether Disney approved fairytale, drug-fuelled lust or gore-loaded heartbreak, True Romance doesn’t hold back. The appeal of her sultry vocals is undeniable while the resonance of her lyrics stands proud. Charli XCX has built a grand design of True Romance. Tackling every avenue of love while giving you every reason to fall.


~ by justdip on 11/04/2013.

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