Live. Scholars


Live. Scholars.

 with Coastline, Trails and Everything I
Wednesday 10th April 2013, Camden Barfly.

Always Lead, Never Follow. Six years in the making and the result of hundreds of live shows, the debut album from London quintet Scholars is a glorious dissertation. Capturing a live energy but steering it with studio precision, Scholars stick to a strict lesson plan. There’s a lot you can learn from Always Lead, Never Follow. However, it’s in a live arena that Scholars really deliver a vigorous schooling.

The reckless punk swirl of Everything I was given a rugged twist as their lead singer played truant. In a wonderful flourish of professionalism and never-die spirit, the accidental three-piece playfully reinvented their back catalogue. The vocal responsibilities were handled with surprising poise but ultimately tethered the explosive promise of their ramshackle math.

Trails blazed one, changing the mood of the playground from chaotic to pristine. Their intelligent angles and decisive command leading to an excitable dance of mass compliance. Polished edges give Trails swift access to your conscious. Vocals hooks and gritty riffs lodging themselves within, as the Guildford quartet made their mark as leaders of the gang.

Coastline followed suit with a charming London assault of emotion. Less aggression made their clear-cut rock hazy but an impassioned delivery forced focus. Rolling jams catalysed the brash snarl of the vocals to create a piercing soundtrack to bike-shed romance.

As Charlie Chaplin’s Great Dictator monologue called for assembly, Scholars took to the stage. Playtime is over. Blending My Chemical Romance’s venom and the gang mentality of Don Broco, Scholars ignite a sizeable reaction with their post-hardcore infused rock.

While the rehearsed lessons bound with tactile effect, their unpredictable chemistry allows them to break the rules. Running with one-armed scissors and breaching the audience/band divide, Scholars provide dynamic balance.

The vocals tumble with endless energy. From the snarling holler of Bad For Business through to the stuttering yap of Rage Concern, Scholars mount relentless attacks from multiple angles.

Unwavering in their class, Scholars don’t let up. By the end of the evening, the whole room is emotionally and physically drained. Knowledge imparted, class dismissed.



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