Live. Charli XCX


Live. Charli XCX

With Yadi.
Wednesday 17th April 2013. Old Blue Last.

Once upon a time Yadi and Charli XCX were reading from the same hymn sheet. Vocally led and delivered with a demanding physicality, the music of both these young women is proudly feminine, defiantly bold and wholly theirs.

Armed with high heels and short shorts, Yadi could be mistaken for any number of factory model starlets. That is, until the warm honesty of her music floods your being.

Uneasy excitement explodes from Yadi. Unbreakable opens with a soaring blend of tribal beats, wailing electro and nervous eyes. However, come the tropical fire of Sahara Heat, Yadi fully falls for her fearless onstage persona. A direct delivery gives the aggressive lyrics a more pointed angle. Hanging from the sweeping impress of the vocals, Yadi builds an exotic mix of unpredictable climbs and sugary pop wonder. Sahara Heat has all the sexual pomp of a classic Bond theme while closer, The Blow, whistles with hip-hop bounce. Yadi might be doing things the old fashioned way but it’s the start of a wonderful fairytale.

While Yadi’s music is doused in the heat of a tropical paradise, Charli XCX’s swaggers with urban grit. From the hammering bass of You’re The One to the decadent rave of I Love It, Charli XCX takes on her set like it’s a deathmatch.

With unrelenting energy and an infectious smirk, Charli XCX launches into a charming offensive of grand pop swagger. Nuclear Seasons swells with jittery seduction while You (Ha Ha Ha) bounds with sweetness and light. Charli pounces on her microphone with the confidence of an aging rockstar and the flirtatious bite befitting her grunge-pop princess title.

Sultry whispers transform into fully-bodied demand with absolute control. Spoken word refrains and assured rap verses are tackled with unwavering commitment as Charli XCX takes you on a free-spirited adventure. The only chink in the polished abandon comes as Charli steps away from the music and speaks about her worries ahead of tonight’s show. Words are stumbled over, eye contact is avoided and her voice cracks, giving this brief refrain a heady emotional weight.

Entirely human but utterly fantastic, Charli XCX performs with an enthralling mystique. The music plays off big beats while the twisting lyrics conjure up dark shadows. Despite being one album in, the set is consistent in its brilliance. The search for her Prince Charming may have been littered with hurt but musically it has set Charli XCX up for a happy ever after.

Read my review of True Romance, the fabulous debut from Charli XCX.


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