Review. Mikill Pane – Lucky Strike EP


Mikill Pane – Lucky Strike EP
Out Now. Free Download

Poetry and hip-hop don’t really mix. Despite the self-reliance on beats and lyrical twists, people tend to stick to one or the other and never the twain shall meet. That is until Mikill Pane teamed up with George The Poet for The Lucky Strike EP.

Mikill Pane drives the body of the story taking on the character of Lucky.  A warm sense of quiet reflection opens each of the four tracks, as George The Poet takes on the role of Lucky’s conscience. Posing questions to audience and character, George’s narration helps steer the story and allows Mikill to forward the plot with worrying haste.

Despite the self-imposed restrictions of the EP, Lucky Strike still harbours an impressive range of tracks. Lucky Strike is a haunting constant of anger and denial, backed by swaggering beats of assurance. Patiently Wait is a slower affair with the lyrics delivered with hammering brutality. Soaring female vocals look over the self-destruction with regret. The Drive Of Your Life is driven with fury while A Treasure That You Can’t Do strips away the dancing excess for a sombre moment of evaluation, taking the EP full circle.

The universe that Mikill Pane creates is an encompassing masterpiece. The storylines overlap within the individual bodies of work and beyond. The Lucky Strike EP acts an an expansive back-story to The Shatter EP’s Lucky.

Lucky Strike continues the trend of masterful wordplay and smirking entendres. Mikill really is a superb talent. His desire to constantly put his art into different situations alongside people who are equally talented is refreshing, the results surprising.  George The Poet offers a deliberate and streamlined flow against the raging fluidity of Mikill Pane’s lyrics. This contrast heightens the impact and makes both their blows super effective.

The anticipation for Blame Miss Barclay grows, as does the trust in Mikill Pane.

Get The Lucky Strike EP here.


~ by justdip on 25/04/2013.

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