Review. The Computers – Love Triangles, Hate Squares


The Computers – Love Triangles, Hate Squares
Out. 29th April 2013

It seems that every week there’s a software update available for my laptop while the gap between models can now be measured in months, not years. The twenty-two months between This Is The Computers and Love Triangles, Hate Squares have clearly been full of similar progression as The Computers return with an updated version of their old time punk charm.

From the stadium rock stutter of Bring Me The Head Of A Hipster to the howling lament of Other People’s Single Beds, The Computers dash between styles with fashionable strut. The album has a defined direction but a playful tendency to digress. It’s not a case of throwing everything The Computers have at this album, but carefully cutting a variety of styles with soulful delicacy.

The aggression that made The Computers such an attractive bunch of screaming misfits may have disappeared. Beneath a polished shimmer of lovelorn want though, Love Triangles, Hate Squares is still bristling with fury.

The jazzy piano of Call On You dances with the excitable jive of Love Triangles, Hate Squares to create a romantic ballroom urgency. Elsewhere, the menacing clicks of gangster noir Sex Texts face-off with the venomous Hives of Disco Sucks.

The Exeter five-piece are an intriguing prospect. The confidence that’s been discovered as they’ve matured is used to maximum impact.  The Computers craft a wholly unique sound that crosses so many boundary lines; it’s difficult to tell what shape we’re left with. Leave the geometry to someone else, and bask in the spirited harddrive of The Computers. The only technological error that Love Triangles, Hate Squares is going to cause is a worn out repeat button.


~ by justdip on 25/04/2013.

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