Review. Arcane Roots – Blood & Chemistry


Arcane Roots – Blood & Chemistry
Out. Monday 6th May 2013

All that is, is because of blood and chemistry. The rapacious hunger of science to explain the physical world is constantly married to and marred by, the unpredictable wanderings of life. These conflicting ideas sit side by side to create a harmonious balance that manages to make perfect sense. The new album from Arcane Roots deals with similar contradictions and even greater results.

Following on from mini-album, Left Fire, Arcane Roots are back with Blood & Chemistry. From the grand opening swing of Energy Is Never Lost, Just Redirected through to the twisting reflection of You Keep Me Here it’s painfully clear that Arcane Roots simply don’t do small measures anymore.

Dealing in loss, Blood & Chemistry tackles huge subject matter. Putting faith, friendship and lust under its microscope Arcane Roots break it down to such a degree, the lyrics are entirely them and you. This grand confliction heightens the personal nature of this attack resulting in resonation of the whole body.

The ten songs that make up Blood & Chemistry, twelve including the two ‘hidden’ ones, are a bold mix of realised possibilities. The burning refrain of Held Like Kites is insular and stripped away yet Triptych refuses to hold back.

Elsewhere contrasts of stark brilliance flow through the vocal delivery. Jumps between the crooning pop seduction of Maroon 5, impassioned Bring Me The Horizon death howls and the punchy chorus swagger of U2, are tackled with flamboyant ease.

Running beneath the eclectic, vocal grab is a jarring, instrumental storm. Furious riffs come flooding out of guitars with timely unrelenting as the drums manage to provide an anchor in this chaos.  The sticks ground the soaring breakdowns with discipline while also offering juttering fills and rampant drive. The melodic crashes catch the eye of the guitars and match them, blow for strum.

The comparisons between Arcane Roots, Muse and Biffy Clyro are inevitable yet stylistically redundant. A wealth of ambition and a grand musical vision are the only thing that really connects the three bands together. That and the obvious ability to succeed. When Arcane Roots start topping festival bills and playing arena shows, it’ll all be because of Blood & Chemistry.


~ by justdip on 02/05/2013.

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