Review. Doctrines – ANX


Doctrines – ANX
Out. Monday 6th May 2013 on Alcopop!

Getting from A to Z is a simple, 26-step journey. The trip from Ze to ANX though, has been an arduous adventure. With bones and promises broken en route and employment a jarring distraction, the arrival of Doctrines’ debut album is a troubled but heartfelt affair.

The Manchester four-piece started by announcing their arrival last year with the sprawling math-rock epic, Ze. Seventeen minutes long and split into four parts, Ze boggled minds and won hearts with an adventurous smirk.  Now, seven months later, Doctrines are set to release their full-length debut on the world. It’s a departure in style, but not adventure.

ANX is a conscious stream of self. Turning in on themselves, Doctrines have questioned the world in which we exist. The result is a self-critical cycle of deconstruction and anger that also lends a reenergised stance of positivity. The ideals may be vast but the delivery is pinpoint.

From the opening roar of Daydream to the closing howls of Aim In Aim, ANX snarls with realised ambition. Channelling the spirit of grunge yet avoiding the tacky obituaries, Doctrines pick apart the world and celebrate the dread. Meatlump deals with masculine limitations while Teeth rallies against ownership. The lyrics are probing and insular while the vocals crack with fury.

Despite the direction, ANX still has space to sprawl. Fanciful breakdowns and clambering riffs provide heavy relief while the constant musical jaunt lightens the weighty subject matter. It’s the perfect summer record for people who think the beach is a bit shit.

The bedroom mix of ANX gives the record a real sense of honesty. The ragged vocals sit atop the shining constant of musical fight with just the right amount of unease. Doctrines aren’t wearing their hearts on their sleeves with ANX. They’ve torn them out and dissected them. Despite the setbacks, this labour of love just works.



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