Review. Olympians – Adventure Gun


Olympians – Adventure Gun
Out Now

Danger is a very real concern of everyday life. From overpriced baked beans to the impending nuclear Armageddon that will erase your credit score and your loved ones, every step you take comes with underlying threats. From the obvious to the surprising, danger could rear its head at any moment.

Enter Olympians. Despite the Norwich/London four-piece being more likely to be caught cutting cardboard than cocaine, their latest EP is a very dangerous record indeed.

Following up on the singles that littered 2012, Olympians have applied the exploration and musical growth that underlined the demands of last year to a cohesive body of work.

It starts with childlike delight and ends with harrowing refrain. Adventure Gun manages to sound like every expectation, yet surprises, absolutely. Tidy House, Tiny Mind builds on its acoustic beginnings with fuzzy skip and polished chatter. From Your Head dances with untethered care while We Lost Our Hair strolls with pointed dictate.

Avoiding the trappings of a sweeping lyrical plain, Olympians tear apart the time of your life that makes it everyday. From employment to unrealised dreams, they celebrate dull destruction with a twisted understanding and warm shoulder.

Adventure Gun is awash with drone. That constant thread allows Olympians to head off into the wilderness, capture a jungle and return safely. Building a forest of shuddering electronic nuances, Adventure Gun basks in delicacy. The deliberate nature of every aspect allows for fluid dreams. Magical and refreshed, Olympians give this body of work a sense of almighty comfort and shadowy unease.

Adventure Gun isn’t going to start a riot or make your kids do drugs. It’s not that kind of dangerous. Wrapping delectable pop centres under such grand delicacy is tricky business. The fact that neither element is weakened is a miracle. The fact that they’ve found strength in numbers is a triumph. Pop, indie and rock need to watch out. Olympians have seen your individual charms and made a threatening marriage. If this gets out, we’re all in trouble. Why not indulge in some danger?



~ by justdip on 08/05/2013.

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