Mikill Pane – Chairman of the Bored

Never one to play by the rules, Mikill Pane continues his unrelenting journey towards the release of Blame Miss Barclay. After the welcome distraction of the Lucky Strike EP, the London artist returns to the point in question with Chairman of the Bored.

The second single to be lifted from the mystery shrouded debut, Chairman of the Bored continues the established narrative as well as flaunting the ever-growing artistic skill of Mister Pane. Wearing the wordplay on his sleeve, Mikill Pane delivers an antithesis of summer abandon. The carnival attraction of the instrumental fair provides dreamy escapism. Fighting against this climb is the biting reality of the lyrical flow. Dealing with the vows of summer and the broken promises they result in, Chairman of the Bored is a playful skip of weighty reality.

Dashing and percussive, Mikill Pane pushes acceptable boundaries once again. Challenging what a hip-hop song can achieve while still having a laugh, Chairman of the Bored is another fantastic step on an adventure that we’ve all undertaken.

Download it now.


~ by justdip on 14/05/2013.

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