Review. Stagecoach – Say Hi To The Band


Stagecoach – Say Hi To The Band
Out Now.

Does the world really need another guitar band? No. Does Britain want another indie-rock five-piece? Probably not. Do you want to waste your time listening to yet another safe debut, desperate to pay the hype. Didn’t think so. Well, Say Hi To The Band who have flown close to the sun, yet remain unsinged.

Stagecoach share their genes with countless bands, yet have evolved into a very unique creature. With their debut album, Say Hi To The Band, the Surrey quintet stand tall and survey an empire in which they preside over.

Opening with the stuttering college whirl of WorkWorkWork, Say Hi To The Band refuses to let up. Through the emo lament of 56k Dial-Up to the scolding power snap of We Got Tasers, Stagecoach destroy any plans for pigeonholing.

Ten years in the making, it would be bizarre if Say Hi To The Band didn’t reflect on the past. With a distant scream of nostalgia, Stagecoach pay homage to their place in history.  Instead of drowning in reminiscent waves, Stagecoach use these emotional pangs to fuel their march. Laying waste to the past to secure a brighter future.

Whether it’s from the monotony of working life, the exploits that employment fund or the friends you make along the way, Say Hi To The Band is an album of purpose. Every rumbling thread of bass and of-kilter knit of guitar underpins the wholly twist of the drive.

Acting as a watchtower, the lyrical ponderings of Say Hi To The Band chronicle a lifetime sat in the sidelines. Watching life stream past, Stagecoach has developed a keen appreciation and brutal understanding. Wrapping lessons into a spikey wall of garage charm, the band give fun and thanks with an edged dance. The jagged celebration of the present, torn between the past and future, stands proud despite the raging distractions.

Seeking purpose and finding reason, Stagecoach flaunt their very special brand with confidence and drive. Good things and waiting doesn’t come close to describing the genuine thrill of Say Hi To The Band.

Despite the blue-prints and the preconceptions, expectations have been slain. Providing a new set of rules and giving the indie-umbrella a much-needed shake-up, Stagecoach are a band you won’t just want, you’ll need in your life.

Get the record.


~ by justdip on 16/05/2013.

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