Live. Deaf Havana


Live. Deaf Havana
With. Evarose
Bucks SU. 23rd May 2013

You can’t be a hero without victims. The constant dog-fight of the British music scene continues, and there’s still no sign of an amicable conclusion. Guitar bands are the soldiers in this scrappy battle for supremacy. Some achieve heroic worship, while others fall to the wayside, victims of their own success, personal lackings or bad luck.

Recently, Deaf Havana have been followed by the whispers of heroics. The name conjures up a legacy not fully realised while their history is strewn with bridesmaid-esque comparisons. That is, until now. Warming up to re-enter the field of battle, Deaf Havana played their first full band show of the year. When they leave the fray at the close of 2013, they’ll be untouchable.

Now then. It wouldn’t be an exciting tale without a twist and tonight, Evarose provide theirs. Warping the gang mentality that fuels the war, the Oxfordshire quartet offer up a new angle of attack. Bleak topics are filtered through charming punk growl and dangerous pop mastery. The forceful buzz of instrumental groove pushes you against a wall. Then the biting entwine of edged vocals compel you to push back. This exchange could get messy, but precision shines through as Evarose’s dark dance bewitches. It won’t be long before their peers are off defending chunks of kingdom, while Evarose sit pretty, presiding over all.

Tonight though, it’s Deaf Havana who rule. From the surge of the crowd, the smiles on faces and the very vocal support, this is clearly a dictatorship of love. With humble blushes, Deaf Havana exploit this admiration. Tackling old and new alike with surprising melody, infallible beauty and roaring hunger, the six-piece slip into a fearsome assault.

Their arsenal leans heavily on Fools and Worthless Liars, with Hunstanton Pier and The Past Six Years both devastating with poetic punch. But it’s the probing shots of new material that offer the most danger, with the explosive scope of Boston Square merely a warning shot.

Taking the die-hard spirit of the scene and cutting it with an endearing ability to tell stories, Deaf Havana have a unique vantage point. Teetering on the edge of something truly special, this band of brothers have seen war and learnt their game. The room captured, Deaf Havana emerge as valiant heroes. Now, onto the next victims.


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