Live. Nina Nesbitt.


Live. Nina Nesbitt
With. Olivia Sebastianelli
The Barfly, London. Thursday 13th June 2013

When you were younger you felt like you could take on the world. Fuelled by a naïve energy, nobody could stand in your way. But as time slowly chips away at this fearless bravado, opponents get smaller and doubts creep in. It’s not giving up, just picking your battles.

Nina Nesbitt chooses her fights carefully. Refusing to let anyone stand in her way and with a heavy melodic arsenal, the Scot slash Swede has grown into a fearsome ally. With proud defiance and a powerful sense of belonging Nina Nesbitt stood before a sold out Barfly, and fought for everything she believed in.

Olivia Sebastianilli is a world-weary warrior. Acting as the dark, brooding Ying to Nina’s excitable Yang, this contrast merely heightens the blatant brilliance they both share. Channelling dark lament, Olivia Sebastianelli bewitches with gothic shimmer. Rose Of Stone treads carefully, shouldering the weight of heartbreak while trying to outwit its grasp. Upcoming single Sunset sways with broken romance, while sporting an impressive dance of vocal talent and writen flair. Closing with a rumbling rendition of Black Chandelier, the Biffy Clyro cover is handled with care and excellence. The unplugged band tumbling with acoustic chatter while the haunting soar of Olivia’s voice brings a skulking beauty to the loaded anthem.  The lyrical topic may seem nightmarish, but Olivia Sebastianelli is nothing but a dream.

Nina Nesbitt has maintained a gruelling pace over the past thirteen months. With the release of her debut album this autumn the finish line, tonight feels like the first assured bounds of her final sprint.

With the backing of a playful, yet professional three-piece band, Nina Nesbitt has amplified her gaze. Tackling an ever-expanding range of influences with hunger and success, She crafts beautiful congestion. The country-tinged rebellion of Way In The World crackles with unspoken truths and optimistic smiles before the rumbling hip-hop swagger of No Interest slices as it darts between targets. These elfish leaps between directions create a set dripping in style.

Taking a step back from her hard-fought yet dizzying ascent to indulge in a noisy moment of reflection, Nina Nesbitt leads the room in an efficient charge of emotion and talent. During the quiet, emotionally charged moments of Hold You and Just Before Goodbye the room is quelled into a ghostly hush. Wrestling against this call for silence is the nu-wave pomp of Peroxide and the palm-muted rock lambast of Brit Summer. Both roll with rambling jams, fierce riffs and the inhibited spirit of summer.

Taking the mundane and marrying it to acute social observations Nina Nesbitt delivers a pronged attack that, razor sharp and unforgiving, always lands true. Her reckless musical shuffle creates a sense of danger that’s long been absent from the world of pop. As we get closer to the finish line, Nina Nesbitt seems intent on getting bolder.



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