A 2000 Trees Preview.


A 2000 Trees Festival Preview.
Or, nine bands you need in your life (and one reason to be jealous this weekend.)

If multitasking is an art, 2000 Trees Festival is a masterpiece.  Yes, it’s an incredible festival with an unrivalled sense of unity. The whole event, from the car-parking through the vendors and even the stages are designed with one person in mind. You. This isn’t an exercise in finance, but a carnival rebellion against the cash-hungry goliaths that dominate the festival market.

2000 Trees also serves a wider purpose. If, for some bizarre and undoubtedly gripping reason, 2013 needed a musical time casual to preserve all that’s brilliant, ground-breaking or exciting with the music of today, the lineup of 2000 Trees wouldn’t provide the groundwork. It would provide the whole ruddy thing.

The 2000 Trees poster does a fine job of advertising the festival’s lineup, but also provides a list of bands you need to be aware of.

2000 Trees kicks off on July 11th 2013 and runs until July 14th 2013. If you’re lucky, there might still be a few tickets available.

If you’re going to the festival, here’s a rundown of nine bands you need to see. If you can’t make it (tut tut) then view this as a list of bands you need to be aware of for a better quality of living.

–       Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun. Playing punk rock with an acoustic guitar and wonderful narrative, Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun are a raging tribe of fury and beauty.  Expect a heroes welcome and a heroic performance.

–      Gunning For Tamar. Having released their most accomplished work to date with Camera Lucida and having toured almost constantly for the past four months, expect a polished turn of jagged alt-rock.

–       Wet Nuns. They Sheffield two-piece have been unnaturally quiet of late. Holed up in a studio recording their debut album, this set will allow the boys to blow off some steam. Expect filthy riffs served with  overwhelming groove.

–       Stagecoach. Ten years in the making, Stagecoach continue their debut album celebrations with a collection of up-tempo, off-kilter songs about the everyday. Expect chaos and singalongs aplenty.

–       The Xcerts. Taking a break from album number three and, having recently supported Biffy Clyro in Europe, The Xcerts are looking to try out some new material alongside the adored classics. Expect pulsating breakdowns and hard-hitting emotion.

–       Future Of The Left. This might be Andrew Falkous’ first show as a married man, but Future Of The Left won’t have mellowed. The rumbling cacophony of observant tongue-in-cheek alongside jarring walls of noise will scare and delight. Expect volume and fury, and plenty of it.

–       Black Moth. Leeds’ answer to Queens of the Stone Age, Black Moth is guaranteed to bring slabs of desert inspired, grunge laden rock. Expect sunshine and headbanging.

–       Hold Your Horse Is. Last time we saw Hold Your Horse Is they lay a sweaty mess in the middle of the crowd, surrounded by the broken remnants of their instruments. Expect a similar level of chaos, as the three-piece deliver galloping breakdowns with unruly control.

–       Emperor Yes. The dreamy world Emperor Yes inhabits is a strange place. Dangling electro shudders and unpredictable lyrical jive work together to craft glorious tapestries of wonder. Expect quirky, reckless abandon.

The weather is going to be lush, the music will be outstanding and the beers are going to be chilled. I’ll meet you there, ok?


~ by justdip on 10/07/2013.

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