Dip versus Evarose.

I asked Connie Raitt, the bass player in Oxfordshire-based four-piece Evarose, some questions. The resulting answers included  touring, the future of Evarose and women in the music. Ladies and Gentlemen;


Dip versus Evarose.
An Interview

Evarose is like every other blossoming rock band. Hardworking, media savvy and doing it all for love are just three of their shared interests. Holding down day jobs to fund the habit they, like most of their peers, are a close-knit group of friends bonded through the extremes of touring and demands of the independent artist. Evarose is just the same as so many other bands, yet there’s no one like Evarose. Look past the gender, yes an all-girl band who don’t sound like The fucking Saturdays, and you may well discover something special.

Weighing in at the heavier end of the rock scale, Evarose create intelligent, brooding works of art. Consuming and with an unrelenting power, they draw from a range of genres; emotive pop-punk, formidable metal and the bewitching smirk of hardcore. The end result is an ordered chaos that holds attention like no other. Dannika, Connie, Imogen and Robyn are heads down to the wind, Evarose are the imminent storm.

Few bands have the strength to handle four rolling personalities, but then again Evarose have always been fiercely defiant. (“If you were a type of wood, what wood would you be?“ “Metal. Wood is for chumps.”)

Not just containing the traits of the individual within the overhanging plan, but exploiting them with brutal consequences, Evarose sound like balanced unity. This is evident in their forked music and explained through the song writing process. Although “different every time” the four of them usually just “turn up to practice and jam until something comes out”.

Influenced by “Every band we listen to, everything we do and every person we meet”, Evarose know it “sounds cliché” but are honest to the last. Their influences may be numerous but it’s the four unique cogs that make the Evarose machine thrive. “Some of us were in bands previously and then we gradually all came together with the same aspirations and drive to stick it out all together to try and make it work”.

Their music is quintessential British rock, laced with dark shadows and a refusal to conform. You can’t help but feel that in another life, Evarose could have played on their gender; exploited their worryingly-unique position and manipulated their way to the top of the pile. Evarose isn’t a girl-band though. They’re just a band that happens to have girls in.

Seeing the success that Evarose are, deservedly, receiving leads to bigger questions; does the whole industry treat them differently because of their gender? “When we first started, maybe a little.  I think we’ve managed to come away from that now and are just treated for the music we write and what we are.”

If the scene is, on the whole, accepting; why aren’t there more girls in bands?

“I guess the fact that, as far as I can always see, not as many girls as guys play instruments. I don’t know why, but it seems to be the way“

It could be the angle of music in school or maybe it’s due to a lack of heroes. Evarose isn’t here to change the world, but reluctant heroes always force the biggest change. If just one all-female band can make it, maybe more will follow.

You can’t ‘make it’ without working hard, and Evarose know that better than most. They’ve toured with the very best rock bands in the UK: Blitz Kids, LostAlone, Canterbury, Deaf Havana, Straight Lines, Mallory Knox…the list goes on. With “Every each tour being amazing and very different” and refusing to pick a favourite because they’ve “loved each one for their own individual reasons” you know that Evarose have become well schooled in the art of live shows. It’s no coincidence then, that this autumn sees the band head out on their first headline tour. A tour that’s made them “a combination of excited and terrified.” These may be the “only words (they) have” but having experienced Evarose live, I can assure you that after seeing them, you’ll be forced to the extremes; stunned silence or uncontrollable gushing.

Aside from the headline tour, the future of Evarose has new songs that sound “INNSAAAAANNNNEEEEE!!!!” and a grand plan that includes “World domination” Well, it will if they can get the time off work.

Juggling a job and rockstar aspirations is “one of the trickiest things we have had to deal with. We are all very lucky that we work with people that are very supportive and helpful in helping us make this band work.”

When the best things about being in a band are; “Touring, meeting new people, being in the studio, writing new music, playing shows and spending my whole life with my three favourite people in the world” you know you’re doing something right. When the worst thing is “not doing those things”, you know they’ll make it work, no matter the obstacle.


Their new double AA side; Vice/Shedding Skin is out now through iTunes. Evarose are on tour  September/October with Attention Thieves. Tickets are available here.


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