Nina Nesbitt – Way In The World EP


Review: Nina Nesbitt – Way In The World EP

Nina Nesbitt is in love. The blossoming talent has moved past the obligations of naivety and pain, achieving peaceful joy as a result. Now, this isn’t a deconstruction of Nina’s personal life; goodness knows there’s enough of that elsewhere. But Nina is in love; with her craft, her platform and herself.

Aside from her constant grin, the new Way In The World EP is all the evidence you need. The cliché writes itself but Way In The World, the final boarding call before the debut album, is the sound of someone finding just that. Never self-indulgent, Nina Nesbitt shares her secrets, overcoming; pain, hard work and doubts.

The title track is a bittersweet hunk of youthful defiance. Standing up to self-critique, the rumbling country strut is the self-assured conclusion to a strained journey. The stuttering charm starts a trend that ebbs throughout the EP. Both guitar and vocal chords are pushed in dynamic, dangerous new directions.

Spiders deals with the deceit of friends. It’s stripped back, it’s fragile and there’s a haunting mystery to it, despite the upfront honesty.

Brit Summer, tentatively labelled as a demo, sees Miss Nesbitt break free from the shackles of pop and emerge as a rocking lovechild of the sixties. Carefree yet fiercely observant, Nina manages to capture the spirit of summer without false smiles or beached repetition.  The rough and ready growl of the tumbling instrumental jams exploits a playful confidence.

Not Me revels in post-breakup movement. Never wallowing or self-destructive, Not Me flirts with regret but charges into a marriage of positive strength. Despite the polished glitz of the production, Not Me is a raw and exposed hulk of emotion.

Way In The World is another game changing release from Nina Nesbitt. Sure of herself, her personality shines through. The accented deliveries of heartfelt lyrics are among her best yet, and the whole darling affair is coated with glorious pop infection. Nina Nesbitt has finally found her way through love, now for the world to fall for her.

Download the EP.


~ by justdip on 25/07/2013.

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