Lauren Aquilina – Sinners EP


Review: Lauren Aquilina – Sinners EP

Pop music is becoming more and more theatrical: The personalities and the package becoming more important than the finished result. Success determined through strategies and manipulation. When an artist crashes the party with nothing more than talent and passion, their success becomes a noble victory. Lauren Aquilina might not have been invited, but she’s given this party a touch of class and she’s taking home her fair wedge of success.

Eighteen years old and hailing from Windsor, UK, Lauren Aquilina is a talented singer/songwriter. It gets more exciting from here on out though. She’s already sold-out a majority of her Autumn UK tour, including a date at London’s Borderline, on the strength of her self-released, debut EP, Fools. With her Sinners EP providing another accessible, yet wonderful masterpiece, Lauren Aquilina is heading down an exciting path.

From the twinkling opening of Sinners until the soaring conclusion of Irrelevant, the EP is heavy handed with magic. Lauren Aquilina’s voice is winged beast, unfurling grand reach and launching into impressive flight with power and control. It’s also jagged with fragility, and exposed to the unforgiving world.

There’s an understated theatricality to the music. The range and weight behind the constant growing ebb of the vocals is reminiscent of musicals, yet the hooks, both written and emotional, are unadulterated pop purity.

Sinners is a glittering march of unity and hope. Talk To Me is a beaten down cry for reciprocated attention while Ugly Truth tiptoes towards a harsh reality. Irrelevant is a self-destructive cross-examination that starts with a personal crucifixion that ends in freedom.

Sinners EP is a pained body of work. Full of emotion and drama, but handled with optimism and respect, the simple musical flow heightens the sense of theatre. Captivating and glorious, Sinners is a stunning collection of songs that exhibits a fantastic songwriting craft alongside gorgeous delivery. I’m not going to cheapen the music by twisting the title into a pun, but Lauren Aquilina has created something ludicrously special with this EP. I don’t believe the party ends here, either.

Download the EP.


~ by justdip on 26/07/2013.

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