Layers – Layers EP

Layers-Layers EP
Out Now on ’till Deaf Do Us Party Records.

How many decisions have you enjoyed making today?  Exactly. None. It doesn’t matter how brilliant the outcome, a small piece of your mind will forever ponder what might have been. Layers, the aptly named Birmingham four-piece, are better than you and I though. Across their self-titled EP the band make confident decisions, then play with the alternatives like spoilt princes who deserves it all.

Layers have existed for little more than a year. Yet, in those three hundred odd days, the band have found both voice and stride. This efficiency is transferred to their debut, with not a moment of recorded history wasted.

The entire EP is soaked with the same charisma, pace and twisting punches that are driving the resurgence of British rock music in the mainstream. Layers fit neatly into this defined genre alongside its blueprint for acclaim, but once again, Layers are so much more. Raging against expectation, judgement and genre, the band look set to take down the system from within.

Cutting classic edges with a vibrant mix of genre and attitude, Layers craft songs that befit the name.

From the snarling accusations of The Walking Dead “you’re trying to work me out” through the biting sarcasm of Hands “at least you know everything about me” and ending with the sage wisdom of Gradually “don’t change who you are”, Layers is both lyrical assault and assuring brother in arms.

With just five tracks, Layers declare exactly who they are. Riddled with an exciting sense of danger, Layers stare at a potential legacy and smirk. Decisions are rarely without consequence or regret but this one is flawless.

Get it on Itunes or if physical is your thing.


~ by justdip on 19/09/2013.

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