Live. Freeze The Atlantic / Layers


Live. Freeze The Atlantic & Layers.
Monday 23rd September 2013. Old Blue Last.

Many moons ago Britain had an empire that straddled the globe. It held sway over one-fifth of the worlds population. History happens, and empires crumble. Britain, however, soon replaced political influence with music. It boasts a legacy that, too this day, still impacts around the world. Better yet, it’s still growing in both reach and relevance. With all this in mind, it seems impossibly true that the present looks set to dwarf the past.

Layers toy with countless comparisons as they determine their own rich legacy. Tonight sees the launch of their debut EP, and they certainly bring a sense of ceremony to proceedings. From the off, lead singer, Lance Joseph abandons the stage in favour of a more intimate attack. Soulful, snarling and with a glint in the eye, the vocals are delivered with crystal clarity through the instrumental ruckus. Despite the charismatic exhibition out front, Layers refuse to become a one-man show. The guitar flexes with acrobatic shimmer, the bass marches under its own driving shadow as the drums skip and crash with relentless chase.  Their EP is a delicate balancing act, complex with want and articulate with skill. Somehow, all of this is expressed live. They don’t stop there though. Doubling-back and conjuring an emotional barrage while also being ridiculously entertaining, Layers impress to a rare degree.

Layers might only be writing their prologue, but their story is already captivating. They’re not stopping there though.

Freeze The Atlantic have spent the years since their inception trying to realise their potential. Wrestling with line-up changes and historic shadows, the band have spent the last twelve months comfortably in their stride. Never one to dwell on the past though, tonight is all about the future of Freeze The Atlantic and, oh boy, does it sound marvellous.

Playing a set that draws on material from Speakeasy with renewed vigour and bite while also giving new songs an airing, Freeze The Atlantic have never looked more at ease. The polished pop centric direction of their writing still glistens with infectious shine, but it’s the surrounding rock flourish that excites. Heavier, extravagant and with an unusual, yet compelling grin, Freeze The Atlantic take influence from the greats of the ‘noughties’ and cut it with their own vision of the future.

Despite history stalking their every turn, or maybe because of it, Freeze The Atlantic are moving forward with alarming gain. They’re world-weary yet hungry to take it on. This talented drive is picking up speed and there’s every chance it’s going to steer this legacy alongside the greats.



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