Live. Evarose


Live. Evarose & Attention Thieves
26th September 2013, Southampton Joiners.

With a reluctant sense of acceptance, Alex Green, lead singer of Attention Thieves, changes the pace of the evening, underlining the entire affair with an undeniable statement. “It’s a hard time to be a touring rock band.” There’s no preaching, no lectures, no push to buy merch. There’s just the unfortunate truth. A truth that’s furthered a few days later; Evarose have their money stolen during a load out. Despite the struggles and the heartache, both Attention Thieves and Evarose perform with free-spirited abandon. Yes, it’s a hard time to be a touring rock band but with talent this horrifying, it’s hard to know why.

Attention Thieves. The name just stands there, begging for some oh-so-witty wordplay but that would take something away from the Berkshire four-piece. Something that works perfectly alongside the churning promise. Something that ties together the vocal two-step, the swaying riffs and the unknowing beats that stalk without apology. Something that makes Attention Thieves poignant yet vicious while entertaining under brilliance.  Their music is a heady mix of classic, hardcore and British rock that swaggers with smooth assurance. The vocals, despite the rambunctious instrumentals behind, are crystal clear and edged with bite. Attention Thieves have the same components of many a rock band on the scene today, but there’s just something about them that makes them exceptional.

Evarose know hard work. They’ve supported an exciting mix of the best in rock and now, ready to show off what they’ve learnt; they step up as headliners in their own right.

Deploying every trick picked up from road, the four-piece warp them with their own twisted vision. This dynamic assault sees Evarose in their element, as they reanimate a reaching back catalogue. The pop-core is surrounded by a vast swirling blend of influence and identity. Destined for the hollow expanse of arenas, tonight their sound relishes the dank intimacy of The Joiners, circling the space and drawing everyone into their beautiful, dark fantasy.

From the aerial heights of We Can Pretend Anyway, through the subtle flourish of an acoustic Change and ending with the snarling growl of Vice, Evarose declare exactly what they are. One of, if not the, most intriguing and excellent bands around.  You can’t steal talent, passion or deserved success. Yes, it might be a hard time to be a touring band but Evarose make it look easy, as only the very best of them can.


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