Live. Paramore


Live. Paramore.

With Charli XCX. Friday 27th September, Wembley Arena.

It’s been an emotionally draining few years for Paramore. Public breakups and private breakdowns have taken their pound of flesh from the Tennessee three-piece. However, with the release of their self-titled fourth album the band have emerged on the other side; older, wiser and wearing a hard-fought sense of entitlement. This is their music, this is their band, and this is Paramore.

Charli XCX has a lot in common with Paramore. There’s a deep-seated growl of empowerment, a mirrored struggle with the public and the ability to channel love through brooding-pop. Backed by an all-girl band, Charli XCX delivers punch after punch of twisting gothic glitter. New song, Superlove is a loveletter to nineties power-pop. Oozing with edged nostalgia while laced with refresh, Charli XCX attacks the daunting stage with the swagger of someone at ease with the world.

Paramore, the album, is reactionary. It’s a sudden jerk away from the emotional trauma that life creates. It’s also hopeful and reassuring. Live, the band channels this confliction with aplomb. Through the chaos and revolution, Paramore shine a light on the dark and throw the most vibrant dark-pop party.

The starting two-stroke of Grow Up and Fast In My Car shimmer with grand scope and fragile intimacy. The music fills the loneliness of Wembley Arena and instantly ties the crowd with a common affinity. The third stroke of That’s What You Get allows band to join the hive mind.

Taking a break from the colourful whirlwind of their live show, Hayley Williams gives everything a deeply emotional shade of real. “This record was a dream to make…it almost felt like it wasn’t us. It felt like the record happened to us, more than we wrote it.” Then, with a plea to make it seem real, the band launched into Last Hope. From here on out, Paramore headlining Wembley Arena isn’t just a spectacle; it’s an experience.

Hayley Williams, part cheerleader, part replicant, leads Paramore with the rebellious snarl of a person who’s heard it all before. If you care about Paramore, you know they’re a band. If you don’t, they don’t. Paramore have finally freed themselves from the shackles of their own success. Freedom doesn’t just taste great, it sounds superb.

It’s been an emotionally draining few years for Paramore, but everything about tonight screams celebration. Jubilance, independence, hope. Paramore have returned more convinced than ever and there’s not a single person leaving Wembley Arena who doesn’t share in this positivity.


~ by justdip on 04/10/2013.

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