Live. Nina Nesbitt


Live. Nina Nesbitt
O2 Academy Oxford, October 9th 2013.

I didn’t think I had anything left to say. I really thought that this time, I would have been left without a voice. I saw Nina Nesbitt on her second UK tour and every one since (#Brag). In that time she’s grown in the most wonderful of ways.  So, I went along to the 02 Academy Oxford expecting more of the, admittedly brilliant, same. Yet I was wrong, in the most wonderful of ways.

Nina Nesbitt is fearless.  From the way she handles her dedicated and influential fanbase, to the way she performs her music. Every aspect of the job is treated with the same wayward smiles and enthused hunger that’ll serve her well as the danger increases.

Taking the once entwined nature of her talent and splitting it, has increased her range without reducing her accuracy. Her voice now roams without restriction. Whether boldly carrying the attention of the room during the sombre parade of The People or dancing between the instrumental swells and roaring piano hurt that drive Don’t Stop and Just Before Goodbye.

The confidence of her vocals hasn’t left her craft as a musician out in the cold. There’s a moment during Brit Summer where Nina swaps electric guitar for piano and back again. It’s understated and most of the crowd are too mesmerised by the chaotic roll of the blues breakdown to notice. However, the effect is incredible. Not only does this versatility gift the song a powerful, yet playful shift but also reinforces Nina’s identity as a fully-fledged artist: Full of personality, passion and prowess.

Preceding the inevitable carnival close of Stay Out, Nina Nesbitt once again balks at tradition. Without an instrument, and playing a song so new the words still have to be written down, Nina Nesbitt stares at the promise of her future. As the song stutters its way to a tumbling percussive solo, she turns and heads down the more daring route.

From the forceful request for hush right up until she leaps off the stage to hug various members of the audience, Nina Nesbitt tackles her largest ever headline tour as a fearless romp. At one point during the evening, she explained, “This is the reason I do music, to come out and visit you guys.” It’s a good job Nina Nesbitt has something to say because she leaves audiences speechless; in the most wonderful of ways.


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