Future of the Left – How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident


Future Of The Left – How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident

Like How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident itself, I’ll be direct. Buy this album. You need it. You need it, like you need a beer after work, a cigarette after sex or a third simile in a desperate, convoluted and tired attempt to cause maximum effect.

There was every chance that the fourth album from Future of the Left would be an altogether less daring record than their history, both individually and as a group, would suggest. Funded by fans, pandering would be all too understandable. Yet, the only position How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident doesn’t adopt is lying down.

There’s an intimacy to the album. Future Child Embarrassment Matrix shakes with such red-faced intensity, you can almost feel the spray of spit land on your cheek. Elsewhere, Something Happened shivers as the warm breathe of a stranger creeps down the back of your neck, leaving you helpless to pull away. However which way Future of the Left toy with personal space, they do so with a captivating mix of intrigue and fear. No matter how dark it gets, how alone you feel, or how utterly bizarre things turn; you won’t be able to tear yourself away. Such is the power of How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident.

Musically, Future of the Left have never been more in step with one another.  Drums cast a foreboding shadow across proceedings, an omnipresent menace stalking the stern-faced agility of bass. The guitars, uncouth and basking in renewed attention, waste no time in pushing the limits of one another. A friendly pissing contest, doused with artistic merit. Conflict, contrast and cohesion run rife. Meanwhile the vocals, laced with the possibility of unhinged clarity, dance, stomp and twist a path through this maddening forest.

The lyrics force direct confrontation. The topics are varied and the influence shrouded, but one thing that Future of the Left tackle, regardless of consciousness, is what it means to be a man. Time isn’t wasted with answers, only loaded questions about love, lust and power.  Off-kilter titles shroud a collection of thoughts that make a terrifying amount of sense.

How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident is explicit with its intentions. Despite initial resistance during the chainsaw brutality of the opening four, pitiful attempts at playing hard to get will instantly crumble as the assured swagger of Singing On The Bonesaws seductively coos in your ear. Bypassing the normal angle for emotion, Future of the Left head straight for the heart and the groin.

Future of the Left have always been forthright. This time however, the arc of the blunt axe lands with the upmost of precision. Simply put, you need it.


~ by justdip on 21/10/2013.

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