Live. Tonight Alive


Live. Tonight Alive.
The Peel, Kingston. 10th October 2013.


Some bands want to change the world. Some just want to change theirs. Tonight Alive only want to change your world.

There are no brazen heroics as the Australian five-piece take to the stag. No grand speeches inciting emotional movement, no last-minute rescues or impossible feats. What there is, however, is a group of friends expanding their circle.

With a pop-punk entry wound still bleeding into their music, Tonight Alive lay a buoyant and uplifting pace. It’s the colossal exit wound, allowing the flood of musical diversity, which makes Tonight Alive both interesting proposition and undeniable statement of intent. From the metallic crunch of The Ocean, through the hip-hop bounce of Wasting Away until the Jimmy Eat World growl of What Are You So Scared Of?, Tonight Alive craft an diverse and emotional crash mat.

The physicality of the band has changed since the release of The Other Side. From the agile confrontation of the past, the band now opens up on stage. But the wildest of smiles can’t detract from the ferocity of passion. Even a literal dance-routine Jenna performs with her hands during The Ocean shows a different outlook.  It could be construed as carefree, if not for the heavy emotional investment. Tonight Alive are at the other end of the chart, existing in a comfortable state of hyper-care.

“Who’s like us, where a music concert is the only place you feel like you truly belong? “ asks Jenna McDougall, voice of room, band and generation. The reaction further cementing the idea of a collective. With Tonight Alive, there are simply no them and us; only group therapy and enviable rhythm of fun.

Whether you need saving, are the hero of your story, or fall somewhere in the middle, Tonight Alive are dear friends. They’ll be what you need at a moments notice, while maintaining a righteous sense of self.

Tonight Alive are the comforting shadow, wearing costumes under clothes. Their humble nature matched only by a superior song-craft. Detracting with confidence and doused in admiration, Tonight Alive will get their wish.

Is it life changing? Very possibly. Is it life affirming? Definitely.


~ by justdip on 21/10/2013.

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