Neon Windbreaker – New Sky EP


Neon Windbreaker – New Sky EP.
Out. 28th October 2013.

Doesn’t time fly. In a similar vein, let’s talk about New Sky, the latest EP from Neon Windbreaker. It’s short and too the point, cramming five robust hunks of venomous punk into under seven and a half minutes. However, it’s also loaded with dark wisdom that’ll playfully dart across your mind without so much as an invitation.

Despite the outrageously high song to run time ratio, Neon Windbreaker still weave an intricate web of chaos across New Sky.

The scratched vocals sit just beyond the extremes of the musical joust. A consistent pillar of discontent. Laid out before these proud cries, the rebellious sprawl of the instrumentals clash with a concise fluidity. This contrast is sometimes ominous, sometimes obsolete, and yet constantly passionate.

There’s not a moment wasted or passed over with Neon Windbreaker, as they load New Sky with intent. From the opening crash of Jamesbud until the dying craze of Pink Suit, the Canadian five-piece craft and destroy with terrifying ease. Time flies when you’re having fun. Neon Windbreaker will soar.



~ by justdip on 22/10/2013.

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