Live. Future of the Left


Live. Future of the Left.

With The Wytches. The Haunt, Brighton. November 12th 2013.

Future of the Left have been progressively getting better with each album: more daring, more challenging and more resilient to the ever-growing expectations of a world at large. Their live show, while still an incredible, visceral experience, has started to lag behind.

The Wytches have no such legacy to wrestle with. The plastic sheen of the brand new still clings to the edges. Beyond that ebbs music loaded with grit. With a growling sneer and grunge laced stroll, the three-piece run through a desert set of rolling absence. The music laying only the beginning of their dark vision, as colour and shape are conjured by rolling soundscapes. Moody, intricate and with dashing twists, this is more than Pulp Fiction.

Future of the Left inhabit a different landscape. The aggressive slabs of rock are in your face and the personalities on stage are just as direct. Instrument swapping, abandonment and deconstruction are all handled with professional efficiency as the set rains down rather then flows. The bolshie angst of the new material, Bread, Cheese, Bow & Arrow, Johnny Borrell Afterlife, How To Spot A Record Company, sit alongside the well-known foes in criminal partnership. It’s all performed with deep-seated passion and the occasional knowing smirk that the band, although constantly acting as if on the precipice of chaos, is actually in complete control of the room.

If you’re hungry for criticism, there is lies. The song choice, the emotionally distant yet physically intimate delivery and the antics all reeked of safety. For a band renowned for madcap brilliance, Brighton toed the line at predictable. The heart was present, but the eyes were glazed and the mind, elsewhere. Future of the Left are still a fantastic rarity in the live scene. It’s just a shame that it feels like it could have been so much more.


~ by justdip on 02/12/2013.

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