The 50 Greatest Songs of 2013. (1/5)

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So, for what it’s worth, that’s two-thousand and thirteen done with. It’s been a weird one. Things have happened. Things haven’t happened. There’s still that uneasy sense of turbulence that indicates we, as an apparently highly developed society, are going through some changes. But more importantly, music is still brilliant. Reassuring, yet daring, what better way to look back on the past year then collecting the fifty greatest songs and ranking them. Exactly.

The 50 Greatest Songs of 2013.



50. Queens of the Stone Age – My God Is The Sun. Dark and sprawling, Queens of the Stone Age returned with a desert snarl as menacing as ever.

49. Axes – Rainbow Bacon. Mellow one moment, irrational the next. Axes are as unpredictable as they are superb, and this shines brightest on Rainbow Bacon.

48. Hawk Eyes – Cheap. There’s an undeniable swagger to Hawk Eyes. Powerful and unforgiving, Cheap forces you against the wall and simply stares into your being.

47. Deaf Havana – Boston Square. Deaf Havana’s Boston Square oozes an honest warmth. Comforting and engaging, it transports you away to a romanticised world where anything can happen, but probably won’t.  

46. Lorde – Tennis Court. While Royals took over the world, turning Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor into somewhat of a superstar, it was the brooding skulk of Tennis Court that stole my heart. Simple has never been so effective.

45. Frank Turner – Plain Sailing Weather. Tapping into the self-deprecating psyche that haunts us all. Frank Turner, once again, has written a deeply personal song that speaks for everyone. 

44. More Than Conquerors – When The Well Runs Dry. It’s bleak. It’s uplifting. It’s everything you could want from your music, while maintaining a shroud of mystery.

43. Future of the Left – Things To Say To A Friendly Policeman.  Raucous,  foreboding and with the best use of a Kazoo in years, Future of the Left continue to rally against anything that threatens to stand in their way.

42. Nine Inch Nails – Copy Of A. Maybe there’s something ironic about the boundary bending maverick that is Trent Reznor singing about how nothing’s original. Maybe that’s what drives him to make a difference. Or maybe it’s just a fantastic blitz of electronics and shadow that’ll crawl inside your subconscious and lodge itself within.

41. Frightened Rabbit – Holy. The eternal heartbreak that Frightened Rabbit capture is still alive and depressing on their major label debut. The cavernous texture is new but the ability to capture the idea of self faces you like an old friend. Enjoy the embrace, because the knife is poised.


Part Two.


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