The 50 Greatest Songs of 2013. (2/5)

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The 50 Greatest Songs of 2013.



40. Ben Marwood – Under Lock and Key.
Conjuring a bleak intensity with this subject material is easy. The morbid enchantment though, is sheer magic.  

39. Olivia Sebastianelli – Perfect Getaway.
Olivia Sebastianelli steers this hunk of soaring pop delight with a heart of punk abandon.

38. Wet Nuns – Broken Teeth.
Gone, but not forgotten. Dead, but never buried. Wet Nuns may no longer exist but their parting shot, a debut album, is loaded with excellent bluesy filth that they perfected in their short, but glorious existence.

37. Blood Red Shoes – The Perfect Mess.
Balancing grit, beauty, chaos and control, Blood Red Shoes have captured everything there is about their band with The Perfect Mess. And aren’t they just.

36. The Computers – Disco Sucks.
Swinging from the hips, The Computers wrestle their influences into a sultry blues punch. 

35. Cold Crows Dead – Ghost That Burned Your House Down.
There’s a glimmering sense of fear running through I Fear A New World, the debut album from Cold Crows Dead, and nowhere does it cause more trembling hope than on Ghost That Burned your House.  If you like your parties dark…

34. Amplifier – Mary Rose.
Returning from a history of colossal noise, Amplifier have completely turned the table. It’s the carefully planned lack of volume that gives Mary Rose its voice. A voice that charms and disarms without remorse.

33. Lauren Aquilina – Sinners.
There’s every chance Lauren Aquilina has the greatest voice in pop music. Using it to conjure theatrical wonder, the young singer/songwriter employs a mix of soaring soundscapes and powerful lyrical insight to offer a package so complete, there’s no doubt that she can, and will, take on the world.

32. Chvrches – Gun.

Gun is one of the most upbeat things you’ll ever hear despite the fact it has a heart of pure darkness.  Genius has never been so delightful.

31. Iggy Azalea – Change Your Life.
Iggy oozes cool and that’s never normally a good thing. However, with a dynamic lyrical flow and sense of genuine excitement, Change Your Life provides substance to all that style.


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