The 50 Greatest Songs of 2013. (4/5)

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The 50 Greatest Songs of 2013.


20. Bring Me The Horizon – Shadow Moses.
Anthemic and pulsating, Bring Me The Horizon revolutionise the way the world looks at them, and metal as a genre. It’s already become a measuring stick and is only going to gain more significance as time slips on.

19. Blitz Kids – Run For Cover.
Bringing depth and personality to a thriving scene, Blitz Kids are one the brightest hopes for 2014. However, they left their mark on 2013 as well with this, a jagged slither of forlorn romance and fiery passion.


18. Lily Allen – Hard Out Here.
She’s back, and she’s still got something to say. Yes, the subject material is more mature but her tongue is still firmly against the cheek.  The synth-doused electro backing forces Hard Out Here to your attention while her critique of the industry plays on your mind.


17. Attention Thieves – Take A Bow.
A delicate introduction lures before the aggressive fury of Attention Thieves explodes in a cacophony of chaos. Controlled, but only just, Take A Bow is a fiery call to arms. “I hope you’re listening” they scream. This is me screaming as well.


16. Nina Nesbitt – Selfies.
The best thing about pop music, Nina Nesbitt, continues her trend of flawless and provocative singles. Made for the radio, yet coming straight from the heart, Selfies is an intelligent side-swipe at the trend, while digging deep to find the cause. A generation has found its voice.


15. Biffy Clyro – Pocket.
Releasing over thirty tracks in a single year is a big ask for any band. Biffy Clyro have never been any band though. 2013 will always belong to the three-piece, and Pocket is, without a doubt, the best thing they’ve put their name to this year. It’s intelligent guitar music, disguised as sugary pop and that’s the real genius behind their success.


14. Gnarwolves – Tongue Surfer.
Gnarwolves get straight to the point, and they stick to it.  Raucous and angry yet pure, unadulterated fun, Gnarwolves make use of every second. Despite the chaos, Tongue Surfer is a considered masterpiece.


13. Kagoule – Adjust The Way.
As they follow you home, Kagoule make your heart race and your pace quicken. The repetition intimidates as it hypnotises, allowing Kagoule to stride between grunge and crystal clarity. Adjust The Way terrifies but only because of how accomplished it is.


12. Arcane Roots – Hell & High Water.
What a year Arcane Roots have had. And what a year we’ve had because of them. Blood & Chemistry is the sound of a band growing up and delivering on earlier promises, while making new ones. On an album of standout tracks, Hell & High Water holds its head just above the rest with the battle cry of “We are livid souls.” uniting band and audience against the world.


11. Scholars – Damage.
The bass that threads itself through Damage oozes groove allowing the band to build a swaying assault atop it. Buoyant and vibrant but with a hand firmly around your throat, Scholars school in power and energy.


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