The Greatest 50 Songs of 2013. (3/5)

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The 50 Greatest Songs of 2013.


30. Fall Out Boy – Alone Together.
The rumours finally came true and Fall Out Boy reunited, bringing with them a new album that promised to Save Rock and Roll. The state of the scene is yet to be assessed but Alone Together brings their legacy bang up to date.

29. Sleepwave – Rock and Roll Is Dead and So Am I.
A bold claim backed up with a bolder introduction to Spencer Chamberlin’s new project, Sleepwave. Instant and classic as first impressions go, Sleepwave are incredible.

28. Night Engine – Seventeen.
A grown up take on synth pop sees Night Engine emerge as the dark hope for the genre. Sultry and laced with edge, Night Engine stay classy despite the lure of the neon lights.

27. My First Tooth – Hawk In Harness.
Full of romance and heartache, My First Tooth battle the L word while making you fall under their spell. It’s beautiful and tragic, as only the greatest romances can be.

26. Muncie Girls – Car Crash.
Gorgeous punk music from Exeter that’ll steal your heart and break your nose. It’s driven by a sense of longing, yet is completely content with this hunger.

25. Tonight Alive – Lonely Girl.
Tonight Alive aren’t wasting time taking prisoners. Lonely Girl is unforgiving and relentless with its mixed assault of crushing instrumentals and powerful vocals.

24. Charli XCX – Superlove.
Everything about this song screams guilt, but Charli XCX has twisted her love for eighties pop into an exhilarating rampage. Bodacious, honest and ridiculous, Superlove is the sum of its parts.

23. Jimmy Eat World – I Will Steal You Back.
Delivering on their promise, Jimmy Eat World reminded everyone why they should be your favourite band. Emotive, yet reassuring no band has been there for you, like Jimmy Eat World has.

22. Layers – Mind On Fire.
There’s simply no letting up on Mind On Fire as Layers rally against the oppression of being young. Angst-ridden yet awe-inspiring, Layers balance their message with an outrageous sense of fun.

21. Stagecoach – Action.
With a phenomenal blitz of Garage-Rock and Pop whimsy, Stagecoach delivered their first, and last, album. Flawless and with an emotional resonance that traverses age, Say Hi To The Band is superb now and forever.

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