The 50 Greatest Songs of 2013. (5/5)

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The 50 Greatest Songs of 2013.


10. We Are The In Crowd – The Best Thing (That Never Happened.)
Growing up and getting angry, WATIC return with a bolshie statement of independence. Its confidence dances the line of cockiness with little regard to anyone else, and that assurance is what puts WATIC so far ahead in the game.

9. Doctrines – Teeth.
A cutting and brutal assessment of the world we live in, without fear of pretention or false idols. Doctrines have a unique take on the world, that just so happens to mirror reality. So many bands emulate the grunge scene of the nineties but Doctrines come close to the truth behind that movement, without stepping on the past.

8. Olympians – Home Is Where Your Heart Breaks.
Olympians have always managed to bury a heart of pure pop excellence at the heart of the intelligent complexities that tumble and fall throughout their songs. Tender and gentle, Home Is Where your Heart Breaks is a more subtle side to the band, but one that’s just as accomplished. This might be the most hauntingly beautiful song of 2013.

7. Paramore – Still Into You.
Despite everything, the world still loves Paramore. Every piece of media about the band has used Still Into You as the foundation to highlight the continued admiration the band attracts. And with a song as painfully infectious as this, it’s easy to see why. They should be out of their comfort zone with a song as delectably sugary as this, but Paramore have never seemed more at ease with themselves, of the world.

6.The Wonder Years – Passing Through A Screen Door.
Capturing the awkward sense of seeing your world moving on as you remain still, is a tricky essence to catch but The Wonder Years do it perfectly on The Greatest Generation. It warms hearts and breaks them with equal brutality, as the raw lyrics are delivered with fervent passion and deserving weight. The Wonder Years are growing up and they’re dragging the Pop-Punk genre with them.

5. Noyo Mathis – Double Smoke.
Colourful and painful, Double Smoke is an emotional workout. Intricate instrumental nuances match the weaving personal account with horrible accuracy. The spirit of the song lodges in the gut as waves of glittering music wash over you, taking away the pain and connecting you to a bigger story.

4. Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun – The Wilderness Of A Wild Youth.
The ability to indulge in storytelling is still an overwhelming feature in The Wilderness Of A Wild Youth, but it also marks another step in Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun’s progression. It’s a more jarring and electrifying tale that trades old fashioned romance for seductive bright lights and is one that’ll steal your heart all over again.

3. Mikill Pane – Blame Miss Barclay.
Regardless of genre, there’s no better lyricist than Mikill Pane.  Everything he writes is a masterpiece and nowhere is that better displayed than on his debut album, Blame Miss Barclay. If you have any appreciation for the English language, you’ll adore it. The title track is a perfect starting place as, over throbbing punk swells, you get the perfect introduction to his world. Intelligent, dark and captivating.

2. Gunning For Tamar – Swallower.
Gunning For Tamar are going to be your favourite band of 2014. There’s no point in arguing. Come back next year, and I’ll tell you that I told you so. Camera Lucida is a gorgeous collection of songs that speaks volumes about the band. It’s tender and warm one moment, cold and tragic the next. They have a phenomenally exciting and powerful ability to craft songs that glisten with beauty, love and care. Swallower is a heartfelt and optimistic ode that captures everything I love about this band while breaking new ground.

1. Evarose – Vice.
Not only is Vice the Greatest Song of 2013, Evarose are the most exciting band around as it comes to an end. With a collection of songs that drag influences from across the board and a live show that’s an intense display of lessons learnt and natural flair, Evarose have a sound and style that’s unmistakeably theirs. Vice is an exhilarating adventure that is both grandiose and intimate. It sounds like it could take over the world, while also giving the impression that you’re the only person on it. It’s dangerous, it’s breathtaking, it’s Evarose.


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