Blitz Kids – The Good Youth

The good youth

Blitz Kids – The Good Youth.
Out Now.

Forget Blitz Kids. Fuck History. The Good Youth is where things get interesting for the four-piece. Everything that needs to be said about their past, is sang with snarling pride as Blitz Kids leave their former lives where they belong. Behind them. The Good Youth is about the here and the now. And it’s never sounded more exciting.

The British Rock scene has never been stronger or more influential. While The Good Youth pays its dues with crunching beauty and a fiery, never die attitude, Blitz Kids have travelled further and looked deeper. The result is an album that gratifies instantly yet sets your intrigue on the slow burn.

Run For Cover accelerates with gravelly Pop-Punk charm while the likes of Sold My Soul stalk through lament laden darkness. The emotional range of The Good Youth is confused and varied. Hope. Despair. Frustration. Blitz Kids have lived it all, and they write knowing you have too.

It’s not just the emotional angle that’s puzzled. Each one of the twelve tracks is a vibrant story of battles fought and influences bled. The Good Youth is a confused youth. Confused, but never indecisive. The album is carefully balanced using bold strokes with every piece of the puzzle gelling together to form a picture of Blitz Kids. A picture of who’ve they always wanted to be. A picture of who they really are.

So forget about Blitz Kids. Fuck their history. Then remember that name. It’s future proof.


~ by justdip on 20/01/2014.

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