Nina Nesbitt – Peroxide.


Nina Nesbitt – Peroxide
Out. February 17th 2014

Tall oaks from little acorns grow. Nina Nesbitt started with an Apple Tree. You can guess the scale of Peroxide.

Bookending five EPs, countless concerts and a steady growth in effect, confidence and musical daring, Peroxide is the sum of this journey. Peroxide is the first step of another.
Cherry picking influences from the very best in pop and cutting them with a bolshie mix of rock n’ roll spirit and fiery teenage pomp, Nina Nesbitt has created a unique body of work. Unique, but fiercely relevant.
Heartbreak songs straddle those about love. Social commentary dances with youthful exuberance. Each and every one has a point. A message. A reason. And Nina is very aware of this. The styles might differ, but the heart behind the delivery never wavers. Whether playfully nipping at the heels of ‘Mr. C’ or broken and used on ‘The Hardest Part’, Nina Nesbitt bares all. Vulnerability has never sounded so powerful.
Peroxide is an eclectic collection of ideas. There’s risk and there’s reward. There’s a little bit of everything. But, not a single moment of doubt. Ruthlessly tied together by her vision and personality, Nina’s seemingly endless talent almost gets overshadowed by her powerful sense of self. Almost.
Peroxide has the power to cleanse, to create escape or to stand out. Taking this to heart, Nina Nesbitt has created a debut that embodies all of this, and yet means so much more. Peroxide is a fantastic blue…blondprint for the future. Princess of Pop. Indie Darling. Voice of a Generation. The crown would fit atop all three. A flawless first chapter. Nina and the Apple Tree.


~ by justdip on 13/02/2014.

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