Johnny Foreigner – You Can Do Better


Johnny Foreigner – You Can Do Better.
Out 10th March 2014. Alcopop! Records.

This one goes out to you.

Ten years in the game and instead of rose-tinting the past, Johnny Foreigner are looking at their present. And it’s certainly not the gift many would have dreamt of. Fourth album, You Can Do Better is a smoldering attack of angst, sorrow and pity. All directed at the now.You Can Do Better isn’t a veiled foray into self-deprecation. It isn’t a desperate plea for compliments. What it is, is a barbed assault on the most precious of beings.
This is your world, and it needs help.
Through the howling punk scuzz or distorted indie jangle, Johnny Foreigner have the answer. Well, answers. They’re not as blatant as the question, but they exist. The dual-vocals that litter You Can Do Better are the eclectic heartbeat, nestled at the core of the record. Screech, howl, whisper. The delivery becomes obsolete, as they demand such a vocal reaction. A new outlook. A fight.
The instrumentals that cascade over the call to arms is just as varied. Just as reactive. The whirr that opens the album is uninhibited pop-punk. The morbid waltz of Riff Glitchard is tender. The Last Queens Of Scotland has no time for such delicacy. Le Schwing even less so. You Can Do Better pulls you this way and that. Not the bratty children fighting for attention. It’s too considered for such whims. The maturity of their awareness, social and self, doesn’t stop Johnny Foreigner smirking throughout. The world is messy, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. That ethos is etched into the very soul of You Can Do Better.
Despite the answers, the questions and the suggestions, Johnny Foreigner never preach. Just hope. You Can Do Better. I’m not sure Johnny Foreigner can.


~ by justdip on 09/03/2014.

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