…Like Clockwork.

Festival announces bands. People react. It all goes like clockwork.

That’s the fucking problem.


Nostalgia isn’t the enemy. It’s complacency. It’s expectancy. It’s you

We live in a world where your new favourite band is only a trending topic away. A witty twiticism or a sponsored post. We allow algorithms and charts to make our decisions for us. There’s no work in love anymore. And we’re ok with that.

Last night The Reading and Leeds Festivals announced the bulk of their lineup. Suddenly everyone had an opinion on music. Condensed, ill-informed and out of touch, sure. But for a few hours, there was a whisper of passion about music. You worked for it. You had to participate. You took the lineup as a personal attack. Or blessing. Yet, now you keep it a secret.

Last year we had a victory in Biffy Clyro. A victory we all felt a part of. Who cares that it came at a cost. A UK tour and the respect of Trent Reznor, both lost. Maybe it was worth it.

This year, because of that victory, Biffy Clyro are headlining Isle Of Wight and T In The Park. Different festivals, same problem. No one questions it. No one offers an alternative. We all accept it.

We choose festivals, we see bands, we let people know we were there. We don’t argue. We follow your lead. We copy what we see on TV. On Youtube. On the stories of friends. We’ll mosh to anything. We’ll dance to nothing.

We do what we’re told. Where’s the excitement. The danger. That’s what music should flirt with. That’s what festivals should celebrate.
It’s why we treasure our first kiss, but forget the third date. The unknown is magic.

I want to defend a lineup. I want to tell people exactly why a band doesn’t deserve to be playing before Enter Shikari and after Deaf Havana. I want to participate.

We condense our thoughts to such a scale, they lose all their power. They become glib, self-critical and ultimately worthless. We don’t enter into debates. We don’t share or expand. We just favourite. We like.
Music isn’t a spectator sport. Music isn’t an annual affair. Get involved, take a risk and treasure it. Every single day.

We can start a conversation.
We can start a movement.
We can do something. Be part of something. Something grand.

Why fight the power, when we are the power.

And we can do that right now.


~ by justdip on 11/03/2014.

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