Lauren Aquilina – Liars


Lauren Aquilina – Liars

A backstory is a wonderful thing. Added depth and extra verse help command the present chapter. ‘Liars’, the third EP in a grand trilogy, is shaped by a wealth of history. It doesn’t need a word of it.

Lauren Aquilina has achieved some remarkable things. Sell out shows, radio airplay, an spirited foray up the iTunes chart. She’s done all of these off her own back, and all at the tender age of eighteen. All of these achievements mean nothing. Her history is dwarfed by four tracks. ‘Liars’ simply needs no context for the majesty to take hold.

The opening swell of ‘Liars’ reaches a dramatic pinnacle while the following fifteen minutes refuse to dip below these dizzying heights. Tackling heartbreak with sage wisdom, there’s a brutal collision of hope and the hopeless. The theatrical performance hiding the fragile reality at its core.

Yes, ‘Liars’ falls into the lovely cliché of closing one chapter, while the story of Lauren Aquilina is only just beginning. More than that, it’s a charming and captivating body of work. Dealing in more than simple words and music, ‘Liars’ is a frank, haunting yet optimistic assault on love, and the abuse we subject ourselves to. In exposing her heart, Lauren captures yours. And no amount of backstory can prepare you for that.



~ by justdip on 13/03/2014.

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