Live. Nina Nesbitt.



Live. Nina Nesbitt.
Shepherds Bush Empire.

Tread lightly, young dreamer. One wrong step and it’s all over. So make those steps small with palm-sized dreams and a guarded heart. The risk may lead to ruin.

It’s never that simple though.

Risk is also the foreplay to reward. Nina Nesbitt has shown this, time and time again. As her career blossoms, so does her willingness to take chances. It drives her forward, making her one of the most exciting prospects in music today. As she brings ‘Peroxide’ to London, she continues to flout the norm.

Projector screens, light plays and a rock-steady sense of self. Nina Nesbitt has come a long way from that nervous smile and a beanbag on the stage. Throughout that journey though, Nina has never lost what makes her truly special.  The ability to give emotion that gut-wrenching extravagance that it deserves. She sings like every breath could be her last. Like every flicker of pain could tear her apart all over again. She sings, because what else is there. The audience respond. They watch. They listen. Because they feel it too.
While her songs are based in pain and loss, tonight is a pronged celebration. A chance to show off just how far she’s come. A chance to show off exactly how far she can go. The perfect balance of theatre and poetry.
The euphoric skips that break up the pangs are laced with just as much sentiment, but an entirely different message. One of hope.
We know her story. It’s one of dreams and chances. It inspires and it affects, and that’s why she’ll keep telling it. To make a difference. She started this journey as an aspiring musician. She’s been tarred a pop star. She’s earned the title role model. She does all three with aplomb.
Her music, now more punk than folk, blurs long established genre lines. She darts between influences, changes targets and toys with the very idea of definition. From heartbreak ballads to festival chants, Nina Nesbitt is constantly affecting, forever stunning and painfully honest. She doesn’t play by the rules, and nor does her music. She takes her chances, and always will. With every step forward, there’s a risk she’ll be out of her depth. At Shepherds Bush Empire, she’s never looked more at ease. As a person, as a musician or as a role model.
Tread lightly, young dreamer. This is how you inspire change.


~ by justdip on 06/04/2014.

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