Blood Sports. An Interview with Little Matador.

Little Mat-351a

Blood Sports.
An Interview with Little Matador.

“I can understand that people will be fascinated, or shocked, by us. But that’s for them to figure out. I just want people to listen to the music.”

Nathan Connolly has a new project. Best known for his work as lead guitarist in Snow Patrol, he’s used his time away from one beast to create another. Handpicking talented friends, Gavin Fox (Idlewild), Troy Stewart (Tired Pony), Dave Magee (LaFaro), and Paul Brennan (The Frames), the five piece aren’t concerned with where they’ve been. But rather, where they’ve come from.

This isn’t an ode to childhood trauma. A love-letter to Northern Ireland. This is about noise. About channeling that darkness within. Music to rally towards.

I purposely wanted to work with everyone because I knew what record we wanted to make.” Says Nathan. “If there had been any one different person in this band, It would have been a very different record.” Continues Troy. From the songwriting, throughout the album and into the live show, it’s painfully obvious that Little Matador is a group effort. In for a penny. There’s no ego, no agenda, just chemistry.

The self-titled album, out April 21st, is eleven tracks to get excited about. “I secretly knew, or hoped, we’d make a good record. We’ve made a great one. People have made comparisons, because that’s what they do. But, for me, its melodic dirty rock. It’s not more complicated than that.” It doesn’t just grab you. It fixes a grip about your neck and looks you straight in the eye. It’s confrontational, and upfront about it.

Knowing a group of people, and creating art alongside them are two different things. A history doesn’t mean a future. “We ended up with a record that was heavier and more aggressive than any of us thought it would be. We wanted to go down a certain road, and the end result surprised us. Just because you’re working with friends, there’s no guarantee it will mean anything. It’s extra special when it does though.”

The fire inside Little Matador is channeled through brutally honest lyrics dealing in “lots of loss, love, rejection, finding redemption, panic and fear. Things everyone goes through.” It carries a concluding level of intensity. But this isn’t where Little Matador end. “With the record we’ve made, its only fair to see what else we can do. We’re not finished by any means.”

This fight is carried through to the live shows, which have shaped the band. Their summer is a foray into the unforgiving world of festivals. There’s no fear, only hunger. “We get to prove what we’re about. People come in with expectations, and we’re thriving off that. Sink or swim.”

Little Matador is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s rock music, without a motive. It’s loud, aggressive and visceral, just because. Expectations will always exist. Change is always met with uneasy acceptance. Little Matador. It’s as honest as the blood in your veins.




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