Iggy Azalea – The New Classic


Iggy Azalea – The New Classic

Take your pick. People are cursed to stand out. At the top, this bane merely maintains your elevation. Until you get there though, it only paints a cross on your back. Iggy Azalea has crossed more than most. There’s a countless list of reasons why she could cause jealousy. Annoyance. Unease. Music is so much more than gender, race or history though. ‘The New Classic’ is testament to this.

Turning her history into a hit has left Iggy Azalea exposed. A life through the camera lense, more so. Yet, ‘The New Classic’ still causes surprise and affect. The drive behind ‘Black Widow’. The bravado of ‘Fuck Love’. The pain of ‘Don’t Need Y’all’. It’s all expected, but not quite like this. Not in a way that makes you care quite so much.

With ‘The New Classic’, Iggy Azalea isn’t merely shouting with bombast. Instead, she’s questioning and redefining what we, in 2014, view as classic. As current trends evolve, why shouldn’t the past.

It’s heavy weather for a debut album, but it doesn’t detract. Dancing with contemporary Hip-Hop, but not getting too close. It’s better than that, and it knows it. Simply put, ‘The New Classic’ is a triumph. Genuine, challenging and with something to say, it’s a work of pure artistry.

That’s what really sets Iggy Azalea apart in this scene. That’s why she feels so alone. That’s why, behind the sheen and the self-assurance, ‘The New Classic’ is laced with pain. Her vision. Her craft. They’re unique in their brilliance. While her peers find one defining feature, and flog it. Iggy Azalea defines with every action.

With people desperate to tear her down. With every aspect of her image dissect.  Her very art questioned.  It’s little surprise that ‘The New Classic’ is delivered with a defensive snarl. There’s a party, but it’s not one for pity.  What Iggy Azalea has built, is a shrine to self. An album worthy of worship. A constant reminder that one person’s vision holds inordinate power.  West Coast, East Coast or the whole, outdated rules of a scene, ‘The New Classic’ is bigger than all. So paint your targets and take aim. Iggy Azalea can’t be touched.


~ by justdip on 22/04/2014.

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