Hold Your Horse Was.


Live. Hold Your Horse Is
The Old Blue Last. April 26th 2014

For a band who play every show like it’s their last, it’s jarring to see Hold Your Horse Is actually play their last.

Taking to the stage at The Old Blue Last, the room took a collective breath, savoring the moment, bracing themselves and trying to steady the nerves. Band and crowd united as one. Hold Your Horse Is were about to become public property.

One breath was all it took. The band then launched into a set of the greatest. Every song was played with the same furious energy. Unrelenting and profound, Hold Your Horse Is made sure every single body in the room knew what they were losing. Title Track, Christopher Walken, The Exit. All Snarling, stomping, gleeful bouts of in your face aggression that held a whispered melancholy as the curtain loomed. The parting shot of Whistlepig loaded with the promise of a tomorrow that would never come.

Emotions aside, Hold Your Horse Is played with uncompromising professionalism. Raucous and with a constant sense of danger, Hold Your Horse Is died the way they lived.

There’s lots that could be said about the three piece from Frimley/Fleet (please repeat.) But, as with Stagecoach, Reuben and the countless other bands who called it time before it stopped being fun, the musical legacy speaks louder than I ever could.  Everything’s so mundane they yelled. Without Hold Your Horse Is, the world’s certainly more so.


~ by justdip on 01/05/2014.

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